About Us

Mission Statement

J and J FM will support the community via internet radio, entertainment, information,and other multi-media venues.

Vision Statement

J and J FM will provide a platform for community-based DJ’s to broadcast live and recorded shows. Each participating DJ will own his/her own show name, concept, and archives. J and J FM will act as a vehicle to post podcasts, blogs, community calendars, and other content deemed supportive of the community and community-based organizations. J and J FM and its staff will be inclusive and diverse in both material and staffing. J and J FM will abide by all licensing and broadcasting laws and regulations pursuant to operating in various multi-media venues. J and J FM will truly be “a station for the community.

J and J FM Rules and Terms of Service

We thank you for all you do to make J and J FM a success!

a boom box, brushed black in color, with diagonal metallic silver lettering, announcing J and J FM